How to Get Full Credit for Assignments

A Reminder as to How to Complete Assignments for Full Credit

  • Always complete the work in MLA format

o   That means name written or typed correctly in the upper left hand corner:

  • Student Name
  • Ms. Walia
  • English
  • Date

o   Title centered/across the first line

o   Double spaced

o   Written or printed on only one side of the page


  • Restate the question within your answer
  • Give at least two examples from the work/story that demonstrate why your answer is correct
  • Explain how your examples prove your point
  • Conclude your response
  • Check your spelling



  • Begin an answer with I, He, She, It, We, They
  • Begin a sentence without a capital letter
  • End a sentence without a punctuation mark
  • Assume the reader knows facts you have not placed as evidence