Essay Format

All essays are to be written in MLA format. That means:

  • Writing only appears on one side of the page.
  • Lines are double spaced – Please go into the format tab of the paper, choose paragraph, then choose line spacing, and finally click on double space
  • One page one the student’s name must appear as shown below
  • *** There is a header in the upper right-hand corner of the paper that has the student’s last name and the page #
  • Times New Roman is the acceptable font style
  • The font size is 10 – 12
  • All electronic submissions are sent to – BE SURE TO SHARE IT WITH ME

***The header in Google Docs is entered differently than in Microsoft Word. This will be reviewed in class.

Student accounts are in the following format – yr of graduation then first initial of first name then last
Example: Steven Pollard’s would be

Passwords consist of the student’s ID #

Example of how name should appear on the first page of the essay:

First Name Last Name